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ScienceIO is here to help! Email us at [email protected] and include a detailed description of your issue or question.

We also welcome feedback about the product, documentation, or any new features you'd like to see.

General Tips

  • Use an API Testing Tool
    Choose a tool that allows you to make, edit, replay, and inspect API calls.
    We recommend using Postman or a Jupyter notebook. This will save you time when debugging errors.

  • Copying + Pasting
    Copying code snippets from API documentation is easy, but be careful when you edit them.
    There is an almost unnoticeable difference between straight quotes (") and curly quotes (“), but it can produce an error in your API call.

  • Keep the Docs Handy
    Our API documentation strives to provide all of the guidance and troubleshooting you need to be successful.
    If something is missing or didn't solve your issue, please let us know!