Generate a New API Key

You can get a new API key anytime, either for security purposes or to replace a key you have lost.


Old API Key

You must delete your old API key before you can generate a new one. Both of these actions are done via the Dashboard.

  1. Visit and click Login to access the Dashboard.
  2. In the upper right corner, click your initial and then select Account.
  1. Scroll to the "API Keys" section, and click the Create an API Key button to generate your new API_KEY_ID and API_KEY_SECRET (this button will appear after you delete your old key).
  1. Copy these keys to a secure location before you close the window, as they will not display again.

  2. Go to ~/.scienceio/config to update your keys, or start a brand new Jupyter notebook and add your new keys when prompted.

For more information about using your new API keys, see Configure Your Environment.