March 2023

A guide to recent ScienceIO product updates.

Dashboard URL Change

The login for the ScienceIO dashboard is now The old link will redirect to this page, but bookmarks should be updated to the new link.

Billing and Plan Changes

  • ScienceIO now offers two plans - a Developer plan and an Enterprise plan.
  • A free trial of the Developer plan, which includes 100 free API calls with no time limit for usage, is now available to all new users; a credit card is not required to begin a free trial.
  • API calls are now charged per call rather than per character, with the the price based on overall monthly volume; usage can be monitored in the ScienceIO dashboard.
  • Existing users can now manage their credit card information and upgrade or cancel their plan from the ScienceIO dashboard (using Stripe, which is integrated into the interface).
  • Free trial users who provide a credit card at signup are automatically rolled into a paid version of the Developer plan when they make their 101st call.

See Billing and Usage Help for more information.

PHI Model Improvements

Users now receive more accurate results when submitting short-form text (a few sentences or less) to the identify_phi and redact_phi endpoints, and while using the Analyze - Web App.