HTTP Errors

A guide to HTTP status codes and how to resolve them.
HTTP Status CodeReasonResolution
400: Bad RequestThe user-supplied input is not in the correct structure, or the API keys were left out of the x-api-id or x-api-secret headers.The text field in your request must be a string that is between one and 10,000 characters in length. In most cases, this error will display when the format of the request body does not match these constraints.

If this field is coded correctly, next check to be sure you have included the variables for your API keys in your x-api-id or x-api-secret headers, and that they are formatted properly (get help creating API keys).

Click here for a code sample in cURL that will help you understand headers.

If the error persists, make sure you did not omit any required fields, use an incorrect type (like passing a number value when text is expected), or use improperly formatted fields.
401: UnauthorizedYour API credentials are incorrect.Re-enter your API_KEY_ID and API_KEY_SECRET. If this fails, delete your API keys and get new ones, then try again with your new credentials.
403: ForbiddenYour ScienceIO account has lapsed or you cancelled your subscription, so your API keys no longer work.Log in to the ScienceIO Dashboard to check your account status and select an active service plan.
404: Not FoundThe resource does not exist.Check your endpoint in POST to make sure the URL is correct. It should be:

Check the request_id in GET ({request_id}) to make sure it is correct.
410: ExpiredYour results have expired.Submit your request again, and be sure to retrieve the results within 24 hours.
429: Too Many RequestsYou have hit the rate limit for the API.Look at the header’s retry-after value to determine when to try your call again. For help, see Retry Manually (HTTP).
500: Internal Server ErrorThe ScienceIO accounts service is down.Wait a few moments and try your request again. If the issue persists, delete your API keys and get new ones, then try resending your request before contacting our support team.
503: Service UnavailableThe API endpoint is down or inaccessible.Contact our support team to notify us of the error.
504: Gateway TimeoutScienceIO was not able to complete the request within 30 seconds.Wait a few seconds to one minute and try again. If the error persists, contact our support team so we can investigate.