Inference Status Messages

A guide to inference_status in responses.

All responses will include an inference_status. Because the API is making more than one request for results, the typical progression would be to see an initial response with a Submitted status followed by a full response with a Completed status. See below for the different status messages and recommendations.

Sample Initial Response Body in JSON

Here is an expected response to indicate the request was sent successfully and is in progress. Notice that it includes a request_id and inference_status. The model_type refers to the endpoint being called.

    Content-Type: "application/json"
  "request_id": "6f251316-805d-45c6-8a32-ba9f3d8aba35",
  "text": "Cancer is a disease.",
  "inference_status": "SUBMITTED",
  "message": "Submitted a new inference request.",
  "model_type": "structure"

Statuses and Recommendations

SubmittedYour request was submitted and the API is currently processing it.Wait a bit longer for the API to process your request. The process is working as expected unless Submitted changes to Errored.
CompletedYour results have been returned and the process is complete.None (the process worked as expected and is complete).
ErroredSomething failed in the request, so the Submitted status changed into an Errored status.Check your code and input text before retrying. If this status continues to display despite troubleshooting, contact the support team for help.

Note that this error status is a ScienceIO error and applies to your NLP inference request; it is different from HTTP errors. However, you may also see the HTTP 500 error code when this status displays.
ExpiredYour results have expired.ScienceIO does not hold on to data for longer than 24 hours after the results are returned. Submit the request again to get your results.