Other Errors

Other errors you may encounter while using the AI platform.

NameError or AttributeError

Check your code and the endpoint to be sure everything is correct.

  • Check to be sure you have included your API keys
  • In cURL, make sure you have “v2” in your url and that you have used a dash and not an underscore in the endpoint (i.e. https://api.aws.science.io/v2/identify-phi)

If these steps fail, you may wish to create new API keys and try again. Note, however, that your old API keys will no longer work. Be sure they are not being used in production (or that you are prepared to update your keys) before you generate new ones.


This error is usually caused by contractions.

  • Manually remove the apostrophes in your query text
  • Write code to automatically clean up your query text and remove apostrophes

If this does not resolve the issue, make sure you have enclosed your query text with quotation marks (single or double).