Web App Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the Analyze - Web App.

Upload Errors

Most upload errors are caused by incorrect file formats or damaged files.

  • Make sure you are uploading the correct file type; the file must be a .txt file.
  • If you suspect a problem with the file or the upload process, try copying the text from the file into the text box instead. Then try again to get your results.

Incomplete or No PHI Identification

PHI should be identified in all text that contains it. If this does not happen:

  • Make sure your file included unredacted PHI.
  • Make sure you have included a variety of PHI types.
  • Make sure the information is actually PHI; medications like Benadryl, for example, are not PHI.

Remember that only information with identifiers tying it to an individual is considered PHI.

  • “Type II diabetes” is health information, not PHI.
  • “Sally Jones has type II diabetes” includes a patient identifier and therefore is PHI; removing the patient name turns it back into health information.

Seeing unexpected results? Send us an email to tell us about it.

Deleted File or Output

Because this tool was created primarily for AI platform evaluation purposes, we do not save your file or the output of the analysis. It is only generated for the purposes of facilitating a web-based output for immediate viewing.

If you wish to see the output again after you have moved to another screen, please re-upload the file or copy/paste the text again. Remember that each analysis counts as one API call.

Cannot Access the Web App

The web app is not yet compatible with mobile devices. Be sure to use a desktop browser to try the app.